By WalkingTree  December 14,  2020

The road from legacy tech to Cloud Native

In this year’s Kubernetes Conference, Cloud Native Computing Foundation community members gave solutions that will help organizations that aren’t cloud-native make a new type of digital transformation i.e from legacy architectures to containers and microservices. The exact numbers for container and Kubernetes adoption among enterprises are tough to nail down, but the general Kubernetes use is poised for growth. 

According to a survey, container use has jumped to 300 percent since 2016, from 23 percent of respondents to 92 percent. 30 percent of respondents in 2020 came from companies with more than 5,000 employees. 

The benefits of technologies like containers and microservices for startups are well documented, and the advantages for large enterprises are quite similar i.e faster deployments, more performant software, and better UI/UX.

But on the other hand, enterprises do have some barriers to adoption. IT infrastructure requires time and money. Companies are finding more and more need for edge computing and data hosting, which might complicate the infrastructure. To navigate the challenge of migration, enterprises must be familiar with important concepts. One of those concepts is the hybrid cloud set-ups and the benefits of open-source solutions.

Read on to know more about Cloud Native and how it is transforming businesses all around the globe.


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