By WalkingTree  December 18,  2020

The rise of Cloud Native Computing

Most organizations have realized the need to move their business infrastructure to the cloud. Many have chosen to migrate their legacy systems to cloud computing. Today, companies are opting to build cloud-native applications. Unlike legacy applications that migrated to the cloud, cloud-native applications are built for the cloud. They run in containers, deployed as a part of microservices, and managed using DevOps and agile methodology.

The cloud-native projects in production continue to grow, with projects reaching more than 50% use in production. But why are businesses opting for Cloud-native? Let’s take a look at some of its advantages.

  • Faster Deployment – Deploying new features can be cumbersome, even for large enterprises. Cloud-native computing has made that easier. Since cloud-native computing is based on microservices, it’s easier to deploy new features rapidly.
  • Low-code development – Low-code development enables developers to shift their focus from low-value tasks to high-value tasks. Cloud-native enables developers to create the frontend of the applications quickly and streamline the workflow designs.
  • Saves cost – There are many reasons why cloud-native computing more cost-effective. Cloud-native computing is based on containerization and virtualization. Companies do not have to spend on additional servers and hardware. 
  • Easy Scalability – Unlike legacy systems that depend on switches and plus, cloud-native is based on virtualized software. Everything happens in the cloud. So eventually, the performance is not affected when the capacity of the hardware is scaled up or down.

Read on to know more about the advantages of Cloud-Native computing.


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