By WalkingTree  December 21,  2020

The evolution of JavaScript tooling

JavaScript code is often spread across JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files. Various frameworks are available to deal with this complexity, but these frameworks and libraries have become even more complicated as more and more features are being added to make app development easier. Still, frameworks offer significant advantages to developers and can also organize and even reduce complexity. Let’s take a look at some of the popular frameworks that have been created to ease the burden of writing complex UI code.

React – React, developed by Facebook, is the most popular JavaScript library. React quickly became important for the development of huge web applications that involve the dynamic handling of data. React, by its nature, has performance advantages and allows developers to write in JSX. React is especially suited for real-time data handling. Instagram and WhatsApp, the two extremely popular Web applications, use React. 

Angular – Angular is older than React. It is maintained by Google and was developed to address the need for a complete framework that could deal with single-page applications. Angular can take some time to learn as it is really a complete development framework, but Angular itself contains no UI components. Sencha fills that void with ExtAngular. 

Ext JS – Ext JS, developed by Sencha, is a powerful application development platform based on JavaScript. Ext JS framework helps create an enterprise application with user experience, without writing the code of CSS or HTML 5. It also provides a rich set of UIs for creating web applications. 

Developers are usually confused about which framework to choose, it usually depends on the features and the personal choice of the company. Download Sencha’s new white paper on ‘The evolution of JavaScript tooling’ to know more about JavaScript frameworks.

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