The introduction of Amazon Lambda in 2015 changed the scene in serverless technology, and this technology did garner a lot of attention from enterprises from across the globe so to speak. Well, there are so many write-ups, blogs, videos and social media posts out there that are designed to convince an enterprise about the pros and cons of serverless, and why an enterprise should move on to such a platform. If you are looking for that info then this post may disappoint you. Here we will just share some of the tangible benefits about it.

Why are Enterprises Moving to Serverless?

What is the enterprise looking for in this economy and competition in the market?

  • Performance: No need to manage servers. So instead of spending their time on operations, the administrators can plan and focus on maintenance and setup.
  • Cost: Low cost is another tangible benefit experienced by serverless enterprises. Although the cost varies from case to case depending upon the kind of planning and process that is put together. Managing your own servers is a tedious task and does require a lot of people to handle it efficiently. However, you may also end up spending a lot of money on the backend…depending upon the kind of business that you are runnin
  • Scalability: Think about this – If Microsoft, Google, and Amazon want to build us as many servers as we want, why would we want to spend on the infrastructure. Serverless helps you to scale your applications automatically and this helps provide a great advantage for enterprises that are keeping up with the trending consumer demands.

Serverless Options In the Market

As we touched on earlier, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are big players in the international market. All of these have unique capabilities when explored further down the technology and processes. Enterprises, when they identify their specific needs, are in a better position to choose from the available cloud options. This writeup just talks about a few tangible benefits of going serverless and also the approach of enterprises in this game. If you’d like to know more about the options and features that your organization can benefit from in serverless, please check out the link: Serverless in Enterprises

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