By WalkingTree   May 14, 2020

Why Software Development is moving towards Front-end?

The current trend of software development has moved towards front-end development. Companies are trying their best to make sure the user experience or user interface of their applications is matching with the ideas and needs. With user experience in place, there’s no need for developers to code until the user experience designer has finalized the specs of an application. 

The key is to develop applications keeping the customers in mind instead of just blindly writing the code. But most developers need to focus user flow or mockups. The emphasis on UI/UX is, in fact, a good thing. Before it was all about writing computer code. Now developers can focus on what customers exactly need. 

With this growing technology, new devices are being launched in the market every day. Also, apparently flip phones are back in the market. The idea is to design applications that will be suitable for any device, let it be a smartphone, iPad, or any kind of tablet. The concept of responsive web design is being frequently used nowadays to adapt to any screen resolution. 

JAMStack is slowly raising and is emphasizing on the front-end as the centre development and less on the back-end side. JAMStack became a spotlight just when concepts like SPA, PWA, hybrid mobile framework such as React Native,  and component-based frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue got popular. This eventually leads JAMStack to be more accessible. 

Front-end development is just starting to get noticed by companies to develop more efficient applications. Read on to know more about the hype of front-end development

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