By WalkingTree  February 11,  2021

Signs you’re doing DevOps the right way

There’s a misconception that using certain tools and practices defines how well an organization is using DevOps in the right way. But that’s not true, to be a DevOps-centric organization, there are specific DevOps principles and processes which ensure an organization is optimized and automated. Let’s take a look at the signs you should be looking out for.

  • Deployment is automated – Deployment completely automated from start to finish is one of the more common signs that you’re following DevOps principles correctly. Automating deployment is a huge time saver, especially when things go wrong and there’s a need to revert to the previous build version quickly.
  • Frequent and Rapid Release Cycles – As soon as the software is ready to go, it should be deployed and delivered to the customers. DevOps is also all about continuous delivery, so producing new code and quickly releasing it into production is one of DevOps core features. 
  • Right Tools and Platforms – The tools you use to deploy features should make building applications easy and test straightforward. The tools should be able to help build, test and deploy to production with no issues along the way.
  • Continuous Feedback Loop – A continuous feedback loop system is necessary to detect when and where things go wrong. Having software tools that monitor and quickly inform when errors occur will make fixing issues easier. 
  • Development and Operations Groups Work Together – Communication between development and operations teams is vital for DevOps success. Cooperation between these different groups ensures that the pipeline will run smoothly. 

Read on to know more about the signs you are doing DevOps correctly.


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