By WalkingTree   October 19th,  2020

Sencha WebTestIt - The most advanced solution for web testing and automation

Sencha recently announced the launch of WebTestIt. It is a toolset optimized for building, executing, and debugging UI tests for mobile and web applications. WebTestIt provides tools to create and build tests with testing frameworks such as Selenium and Protractor. WebTestIt significantly reduces the effort with test management and increases the efficiency of your project’s test automation. 


What’s unique about WebTestIt? 

  • Efficient Automation: It organizes projects based on best practices to directly create boilerplate code
  • Easy Setup: Developers don’t have to spend much time setting up. WebTestIt automatically downloads the required drivers to test your project
  • Omnipresent Testing: Users can test on different browsers and platforms including mobile devices
  • Versatile: Tests can be developed in any programming language i.e Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, or Python. WebTestIt directly creates Selenium or Protractor code


And lastly, WebTestIt is completely free to use. What can be better than that? Read on to know more about WebTestIt and the easy 3-step setup guide


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