By WalkingTree   April  10, 2020

Sencha has announced the release of version 7.2 for Ext JS, ExtAngular, ExtReact, and ExtWebComponents. The year started with the release of Ext JS 7.1 version and v 7.2 is already here. This update comes with significant improvements to the Ext JS modern and classic toolkits. The main focus area of this release is towards the product feature enhancements related to the quality and performance of the components.

Some of the improved features of the new Ext JS 7.2 include: 

  • Improvements to their market-leading grid, pivot grid, and locked grid components.
  • Some of the grid improved features are grouping grid, grid view, cell editor, grid drag and drop, summary section, stateful grid, TagField in grid editors and many more.
  • Component and field improvements include tag field, general field, data binding, data field, stateful, Combobox field improvements and more.
  • Improvements to Window component
  • Router improvements
  • Improvements to Sencha Architect and Sencha Cmd tools
  • A significant number of fiddle examples added for ease of use
  • Ext JS 7.2 version has some improvements for ExtReact, ExtAngular, and ExtWebComponents as well:
  1. Web components runtime
  2. Sencha Webpack plugin
  3. Improved ExtReact template
  4. Ease of use with EWC one file configuration without Webpack
  5. Numerous fiddle examples added

Not just this, the new Ext JS 7.2 has a lot more to offer. Read on for more information on Ext JS 7.2 with components examples

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