Sencha Architect is the ultimate visual app builder for Ext JS applications. A widely used tool for cross-platform HTML5 applications on mobile devices and desktop, Sencha Architect empowers the developers to accomplish more. Features such as drag and drop enable you with high-performance applications wherein you spend very less amount of time in manual coding. It also saves time by removing time to type more boilerplate code. Some of the top questions that most developers ask in Sencha Architect are: 


  • How can you pass additional information such as the API key or session-id in each REST request?
  • What’s the process to render a button within a widget?
  • When an app is built using Sencha Architect, how can I make an Ext JS application responsive?
  • Rather than having to manually change the Rest Proxy URLs, is it possible to dynamically configure it using different deployment and development environments?

Sencha recently organized a webinar on the same and addressed the above questions. If you are a developer wanting to know more about how Sencha Architect is a rockstar in the visual app-building environment, then check out this link for a more detailed description >>> Sencha Architect Q&A

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