Sencha Announces The New Ext JS 7.1 Version

Sencha, a leading provider of tools for web and mobile application development announced the release of version 7.1 for Ext JS, ExtReact, ExtAngular, and tooling, it is the latest update to their JavaScript framework featuring more than 60 customer-driven enhancements. The JavaScript landscape focuses more on high performing UI components and useability. 

Sencha’s Ext JS framework offers pre-built, ready-to-use UI components, tools and plugins to develop mobile applications of any complexity. The Ext JS 7.1 version brings in new updates and features to the classic toolkits for web and mobile app development, the new update also enhances more than 140 pre-built UI components including API documentation which makes it easy to find properties and events. Ext JS 7.1 brings in various improvements in terms of performance and scalability.

Some of the improved features of the new Ext JS 7.1 include: 

  • High-fidelity User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) component enhancements to Sencha’s grid components which focus on row, horizontal and vertical scrolling, improvements to grid locking, drag and drop and data-bound grid applications. 
  • Improvements in terms of text and form input, including radio group, combo box, text area, tag field, responsiveness, material theme styling and spanning usability. 
  • Upgraded Froala WYSIWYG components to support the version 3.0 
  • Improved support for sencha with React and Angular framework
  • New API documentation, with an ability to write code, copy and then paste from any method, property or an event. 
  • Enhanced Sencha web components for building framework
  • Tips and Tools to speed up the application development process including copy-paste examples, demos on components and new fiddles in the Sencha guide. 
  • Major improvements in ExtGen view package generation
  • Quality improvements to the JetBrains plugin

These are some of the features in the new Sencha Ext JS 7.1 version, and there’s a lot more Ext JS 7.1 has to offer.

UPDATE: Check out recorded session of live webinar on ‘Migration Paths from Ext JS 5.x to 7.1’. The many benefits of upgrading have been discussed, along with demonstration of the many paths that will help in upgradation.

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