By WalkingTree  May 17,  2021

SecDevOps for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are alarming and growing rapidly, affecting individuals, organizations, and nations daily. And cybersecurity solution space is struggling to keep up. 

Rapid software upgrades that detect and repair security gaps as soon as they are discovered are required to solve this problem. This requires Agile and DevOps continuous delivery practices, with an add-on security-aware mindset.

DevSecOps became a big thing in the DevOps world. The idea of integrating security into DevOps makes a lot of sense, since DevOps is the answer for continuous delivery, and security needs continuous delivery of defensive solutions. 

However, simply adding security to DevOps is not a sufficient solution, we need to re-think how DevOps can be used to deliver continuous security. SecDevOps is a better solution, compared to DevSecOps when it comes to integrating security practices with DevOps. 

With SecDevOps, security concerns within the organization are prioritized over other types of concerns. The security tools are weighted at the highest priority level. Security tasks that are required to mitigate risks are given the highest priority in the organization. In short, SecDevOps plugs some important security holes that are not covered by DevSecOps. 

Read on to know more about SecDevOps and how it can help with security issues.


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