How retail CIOs are using DevOps and RAD to go omnichannel

Retail customers today have numerous demands that start from placing orders to when a product reaches on their doorsteps. They are always looking for a good user experience delivered in a cycle of chats, swipes, and clicks. Shoppers today are responsible for their demand and purchase interactions. But for many retailers, it’s a challenge to keep up with these demands. 

The e-commerce industry is completely different from traditional retailing. For traditional retailers, with their human capital and large asset portfolio, it can be a little difficult to think about going digital. It comes with a different division and operations. For a profitable omnichannel in business, CIOs must work on unifying digital and traditional retail. CIOs are expected to work hand-in-hand with the CEO, and of course with the support of employees and staff. 

Based out on research, there are a few ingredients for a successful adaptation of omnichannel world –

  • Product-centric DevOps – CIOs are often in a challenge situation when they have to create new products and solutions on a daily basis in order to improve user experience. Hence, a fast-moving and adaptable development platform is essential. DevOps is a perfect choice for a retailer here. It helps in combing development and IT operations with faster and continuous delivery of products.
  • RAD platform – Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology supports and prioritizes the speed, agility and rapid delivery of a DevOps approach. CIOs should carefully choose the right RAD platform which will perfectly align with their cloud strategy and harness API integration. 
  • Agile methodology – Agile methodologies should be adopted in order to support experimentation, collaboration, and learning in a firm. New products and services should only be launched with a deep understanding of the users and how useful the product or service can be. 

Right tools and methodologies have to be adopted for the IT participants to go beyond their thinking and help in the continuous development of a business and represent both the users and the IT side.

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