By WalkingTree   November 16,  2020

Recoil - Facebook’s new State Management Library

Recoil is Facebook’s all-new state management library wherein you can write code in the React framework without having to sacrifice performance and scalability. Recoil is still in its early stages but it is definitely growing and making that push. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of the Recoil library.

Minimal Boilerplate – Recoil comes with a minimal boilerplate which is a huge advantage for developers creating independent global states. It is as easy as wrapping the parent component in <RecoilRoot>. 

Easy to learn – The best part about Recoil is that it looks and feels quite similar to React Hooks. There’s a huge list of Recoil Hooks, some of them include: 

  • useRecoilState()
  • useRecoilValue()
  • useSetRecoilState()
  • useRestRecoilState()

Improved Performance – You can directly subscribe to components to atoms and selectors which directly leads to a large performance upgrade. 

Concurrent Mode Support – Recoil cannot be used outside a React framework. But it works perfectly with React. It is compatible with Concurrent mode which is a powerful set of features that can help optimize the responsiveness of React applications.  


Read on to know more about Facebook’s Recoil State Management tool and its main benefits. 


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