By WalkingTree   August 19, 2020

The reasons why forward-thinking tech companies are going Agile

Companies are not starting to learn from each other’s tech disasters while the move to Agile methodology has quickened. This has left the traditional testing services in a tricky position. Sometimes, testing as an integral of the DevOps process can sometimes be forgotten and in some cases lead to major incidents and how they should be implemented with more care and diligence by organizations that wish to launch their products more smoothly. 

Let’s take a look at how these testing oversights can actually happen and how you can stop them from slowing down your business productivity.

Tests are pests – Testing is designed to identify failures and inefficiencies, but if conducted just before a go-live date, chances are that the issues won’t get fixed because of time pressures. The move to Agile has transformed this ‘last minute’ approach. In Agile, a working product is delivered very quickly, with a succession of releases following iteratively. The testing of each release informs the development of the next version. 

Automation – The most critical enabler is making the most of the team’s talent by eliminating time-consuming tasks, reducing the need for traditional test resources. There are several tasks that can be automated to enable an Agile approach, including most types of tests. By automating manual testing, testers time is freed up to do more exploratory testing and the delivery pipeline can move at an increased velocity.

Dynamic Test Automation – Dynamic Test Automation is one of the prime examples of Test Automation bringing additional benefits. Relying entirely on QA testers to generate the code as the product is built ensures that incomplete last-minute Testing is never the blocker. Test Automation usually focuses on process and takes the approach of running through tests in a linear manner.

Read on to know more about Agile and why companies are moving towards it.


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