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With the implementation of emerging technologies in IT products, thousands of apps are being developed on multiple platforms with new paradigms and expectations for user experience, integrity, and design.

The challenge was to build an application that can run on any kind and number of devices located anywhere. To meet these challenges, new tools, platforms, and services were introduced that provided a new level of simplicity and complacency to users.


Our Customer is a leading web-based solution provider that provisions companies to configure and deploy web-based Apps that work on any device while retaining the complete control of IT and governance over information access.

Their products allow companies to uniquely leverage contemporary Cloud and Mobile technologies to provide unparalleled business automation solutions while retaining governance over deployment, user access, and business-critical data.


The customer requirements included the building of an Enterprise Application called “Smart Apps” which can be utilized on real-time devices, configured easily and be accessed from anywhere for the following services and objectives,

  • Develop any number of applications without having prior knowledge of coding or design
  • Create a store where a massive collection of apps will be available for the users
  • Deploy apps on any devices/platforms
  • Implement a storage area for preserving data, files and for running apps
  • Development of App Merchant services for selling and buying


The following list of capabilities was achieved during project execution.

Build Apps without Coding – Designing the apps at one’s fingertips from a hassle-free, easy, and user-friendly interface was made possible. This made a wide variety of stunning apps that did not require any coding or design skills.

  • Buy the Apps You Need – This section consists of a huge collection of SmartApps in the store. A request can be made if could not find what you’re looking for
  • Use Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere – Through this service, SmartApps helped in developing & enhancing your apps that can be accessed from any platform or devices without any location restrictions
  • Store and Share Apps & Data Securely– A free storage space will be shared with the users with proper encryptions in place to store files and run apps. Personal data and files can also be preserved in the personal storage space.
  • Sell your Apps for Real Money – An AppMerchant can use this service to sell Apps and get paid if someone buys their apps.


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