By WalkingTree  May 04,  2021

Reading Barcodes in Flutter

Traditionally, barcodes were mostly used for maintaining inventory. They helped update inventory movement in real-time, and warehouse management. But now barcode scanning has shifted to mobile phones. Mainly because they are portable and, you don’t need to have an extra device to scan the barcodes. 

Now implementing the feature to scan is pretty easy, all thanks to Flutter. One of the advantages of using flutter is Packages. For almost everything, there are packages readily available so you don’t have to on other platforms. Now, before implementing the QR code scanning feature, there are other things to implement first, like the camera, managing the image streams, and custom overlay on the camera screen.

Choosing the decoder – There are not many open source SDKs available to perform the scanning that’s good in performance but at the same time cost-effective as well. ML Kit, ZXing, and Huwai Scan Kit are some of the options to choose from.

Camera – This is a major criterion because there are various factors to consider while getting the image streams majorly on Android. There are 3 APIs available to access the camera Functionality – Camera, Camera2, and CameraX. 

Barcode detection – To make the best use of Flutter, it is always better to write less native code and more dart code so that the same code can run on both iOS and Android. This can be done by getting the bounding box from the ML Kit and then use the Flutter canvas to draw the overlay. 

Read on to know more about scanning barcodes in Flutter.


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