With over 5 years in existence, React Native has gained quite a popularity. Interactive UX and easy development are the significant features that have convinced mobile app developers to work with React Native to build applications. Not just this, we have listed out the top reasons why React Native will be the future of mobile app development. 

  • Reload-speed and developer experience

React Native’s fast refresh feature allows developers to get instant updates each time they modify React Native components. Developers’ experience is an important factor nowadays. React Native is created by keeping web designers in mind, for more productivity.

  • State management container

React Native has the best state management container than any other framework out there and Redux is the proof of it.

  • It leverages your knowledge

React Native doesn’t actually aim at replacing your favorite programming language. In fact, it leverages your existing knowledge in Native code for both iOS and Android.

  • Communicates with Native code – to make it native

React Native’s architecture relies on a bridge that serves as a communicator between a Javascript code which includes using React Native components and native code.

Read on to know more about why React Native is among the best choices for mobile application development.

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