By WalkingTree   April 01,  2021

React component writing guidelines

While working with React framework it’s important to follow certain tips to write clean React components. This way, your code will be better organized. Let’s take a look at the guidelines. 

Avoid passing props – Unless there’s a specific reason to do it, you should avoid passing props down the component tree using a spread operator. Passing props this way makes writing components faster. But, it also makes it difficult to pin down the bugs in the code. 

Wrap your function in an object – If your function accepts multiple parameters, it’s always a good idea to wrap them in an object. This way, you don’t have to worry about the order in which you’re passing your arguments.

Use maps over if/else – When you need to render different elements based on the custom logic, try using maps in place of if/else statements. By using maps, your components become more declarative and easier to comprehend. 

Hook components – There might be a situation wherein you have to use some of the components all over your app. If they need a state to function, you can simply wrap them with a hook that provides that state. Some examples of such components are popups, toast notifications, or simple models.

Read on to learn more about the tips for writing clean React components.


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