Predictive Attrition Model

Predictive Attrition Model


Help an organization to predict employee attrition and define a strategy to reduce such costly problem.

We helped them with:

  • Creating an application that can be used to predict the behavior of the employee on given data in the form using various data analysis algorithms.


Solution scope included:

  • Created a Flutter app with a widget for UI components for users to enter different employee attributes as inputs. The input’s given are segregated into numerical and string arrays. 
  • Used Scikit-learn and  Python API call to gain access to specific data and methods.
  • Used TensorFlow to build and train the model for available datasets.
  •  Predictive algorithms that work by clustering/ classifying employee profiles are trained based on the past data considering a wide range of parameters to make the best predictions.


  • Assessment of employee specifications, their strengths, and weaknesses
  • Reducing the expense of recruiting new talent based on employee profiling and business criteria
  • Review and evaluation of the deterioration of skills and abilities
  • Economic and efficiency loss calculation due to attrition
  • Provides strong knowledge of the supply and demand of workers
  • Able to prepare contingency plans on the basis of the model’s experience and foresight


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