By WalkingTree   January 19,  2021

Powerful React Libraries to try in 2021

We all know that React is a popular choice for app development. There are thousands of packages and libraries available to build seamless web applications. React libraries provide better and faster ways to create customized components. Let’s take a look at some of the more powerful React libraries to look out for in 2021.

React-select – This is an alternative for the Select Component in React.js. It is an approach to data with more customizable functions and features like animations, portal support, option groups, and many more.

React-dnd –  In building complex drag and drop interfaces while keeping the components decoupled this is very helpful.  This is perfect for apps where dragging is needed for transferring data between different parts of the application.

React-content-loader – This is an SVG powered component to create skeleton loadings, for example, Facebook’s card loading. It comes with various presets to explore with and developers can use the create-content-loader to create customized loaders easily.

antd – This is an enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library. Written in TypeScript language with powerful theme customization. 

React-helmet – This React component is reusable that helps manage all the changes related to the document head.  It usually takes plain HTML tags and outputs plain HTML tags. 

Gatsby-image – With React.js, build fast, modern apps and websites. Gatsby sites do not need servers, so the whole site can be hosted on a CDN by developers.

Read on to know more about the most powerful React libraries in 2021.


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