By WalkingTree  February 03,  2021

Pilot Testing DevOps During Pandemic

Software developers and testers quickly adapt to changes and the fast pace of IT. Ever since the pandemic started, SaaS adoption has become a go-to platform for businesses of all sizes looking for business continuity and enabling innovation during these tough times. Developers have worked at an increasing speed to configure, test and deploy features and services to their clients. However, this quickened pace can lead to the abandonment of proper security guardrails. Let’s take a look at some of the key ways to test and mitigate certain risks. 

  • Fail Fast and Succeed Sooner

DevOps is basically a process of using development technology to solve operational IT problems. Having a well-defined strategy helps, however, it’s important to have a proper implementation and calculated risks. Both of these factors help organizations achieve their goals in a shorter span of time. Additionally, access to funding is also essential, along with the ability to hyper-scale.

  • Cultural Shift

DevOps leaders need to remember that tools are not an important ingredient of DevOps, culture is. DevOps is not just a philosophy, it’s more about the mindset that promotes collaboration, culture alignment, and innovation. Culture becomes everything when an organization starts to look for new and innovative ways to push the business and clients forward. 

  • Scale Through Automation

Working on a test automation strategy is the best option during this pandemic. For DevOps teams to successfully scale-up, the implementation of continuous automation into the testing process is crucial. However, this process often creates a skills gap. Leaders must be aware of this and come up with training opportunities for developers. 

Read on to know more about pilot testing DevOps during a pandemic.


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