Real-estate and Property Search


Real-Estate Company


This was a need for an organization in the  Real-Estate Industry for various portals for Property Development , Property Management, Property Search etc.

32 Sites for a Real-Estate organization.


A Real-Estate Company, it is a group of company for various infrastructure activity like steel, concrete, Corporate project, Retail project etc.

Business needs

2 Portals for all Group of companies with features like search property with details, Feedback ,Location of property. All things on site need to be updatable by site admin and need to approve by higher authority. 


Upgrading and Integrate existing static web site with all data to Episerver CMS based solution.

Content can be created by non Technical author, Mechanism to migrate existing systems data to new system quickly, Enterprise level search experience for user, Personalization of user and visitor of site.

Design site with adaptive display size, Managing site content, can be approved through various levels for auditing and authenticity of data.

Walking Tree Solution

After rigorous analysis of the client’s  landscape, wireframe sketches were designed to define the scope of the project. Walking Tree Episerver experts developed a web based  portal for all Group of companies.

Developed automated task to migrate existing systems data to new Episerver based system. Streamlining the publishing and Content submission  process and helped enforcing the client through the review and approval stages of the Content in CMS. 

Personalized user experience for user who visits from various location and region and also developed website with several language options.


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