The perfect JS grid?

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The Ext JS grid component is one of the most powerful components with its seamless features and plugins. One of the best advantages of using this grid panel is that there is no need for approaching third-party libraries when making apps. The built-in UI components help to organize data with functionalities such as grouping data, drop-down, and many such exciting add-on features.

Ext JS includes 115+ UI components, such as grids, HTML5 calendar, pivot grid, trees, lists, menus, forms, D3 adapter, toolbars, windows, panels, and much more. Sencha community also provides hundreds of extensions for developers.

Sencha Ext JS provides multiple functionalities with its intensive grid features that make the work of developers easy and effective. Here are some of these features-

  • Data Storage: It is easy to manage bulk data by simply grouping them. There are some pivot grid features available that behave more like excel. It counts the cell and you can ignore the null values in the datasheet. Many do not prefer to spend time on clicking and checking the whole data. That’s why the amazing filter plugin provides you with the facility to look at what data you want by sorting.
  • Data Fetch: Easy to fetch data from anywhere using a data proxy.
  • Themes: You have access to multiple themes to help you make preferred changes like color and other parameters with great ease.
  • Tree grid: By using the tree grid feature you can simply export the rows and edit on the go.

Make your application development simpler by utilizing the wonderful features that Sencha Ext JS grid component offers.

The above is just a glimpse of the many features that the Ext JS Grid offers. And that’s not all! There are a lot more Ext JS Grid has to offer, check out this recorded webinar.

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