By WalkingTree   August 25, 2020

Penny-pinching on UX_

Did you stop funding for UX because there was a previous project that did not have the results you expected? If you actually take a look at that failed project and dig deep into the asset allocation, most likely you must have spent only about 5% of your project budget on UX, and the rest got distributed between POs, Developers, Marketing, and Project Managers. Well, the problem was not that you invested in design, the problem is that you did not invest enough. 

Building a digital presence within a mobile application or in a web application is very important for an organization, irrespectively of its kind. Companies rely on an attractive interface, well-defined content, and marketing strategies to promote their web and mobile apps. In this hustle of building and promoting an app, companies sometimes forget that animation, content, and catchy ads should be backed up by a great UX design. There are numerous reasons why UX is important. It cuts down development costs, increases revenue and customer loyalty, and many more. 

In a nutshell, a great UX design makes an app easy and pleasant to use and eventually increases customer satisfaction. Companies should start investing more in User Experience and improve their applications. Designer leaders should start talking about numbers. How much does it really cost to run a design team? Budgetary constraints? How can you secure more assets for a team, not only for increasing headcount but also for each employee contribution to prosper? 

Read on to know why companies are cost-cutting on UX and how to overcome it.


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