By WalkingTree   June 30, 2020

One in four enterprises will be all-cloud companies within a year

In a recent survey, about 25% of managers have predicted that their companies will be moving all their applications towards the cloud within 2021. 

The survey was done on 1,283 IT managers. According to the survey, about 17% of large companies have already completely moved their applications to the cloud. The survey also shows that more than nine in ten organizations expect to increase their usage of cloud-based infrastructure in the future. Meanwhile, 25% of managers have said that they will be moving towards the cloud soon. 

When it comes to vendors, a majority i.e 54% are using multiple cloud providers. Out of which AWS (Amazon Web Services) is leading the way (67%). Another 48% of companies are using Microsoft Azure and about 32% use the Google Cloud Platform. 

The survey also explored the adoption of microservices, site reliability engineering, and serverless computing. More than 52% of the respondents said that they are using microservices concepts, tools, or methods for software development. But microservices still may not be enterprise-ready. Just because an enterprise uses the tools, concepts, and methods of microservices architecture doesn’t mean it has adopted a microservices architecture. 

Read on to know more about what other interesting facts this survey has revealed.


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