By WalkingTree   August 07, 2020

Flutter 1.20

Flutter released the 1.20 version of Flutter this week, bringing various features and improvements. Flutter 1.20 comes with several UI enhancements, including the long-awaited support for autofill, a new way to layer widgets to support pan and zoom, new mouse cursor support, updates to old favorite Material widgets and many more. 

Each new release of Flutter results in increased usage and momentum. In fact, in April, the number of Flutter apps in the Google Play store had reached over 50,000, with a peak rate of 10,000 new apps per month. Now, just over three months later, there are more than 90,000 Flutter apps in Google Play. Let’s take a look at some of the new features 1.20.

Autofill for mobile text fields – One of the most requested Flutter features for a while has been to support the underlying Android and iOS support for text autofill. With the new update, you don’t have to ask your users to re-enter data that the OS has already gathered for them.

InteractiveViewer – This release introduces a new widget, the InteractiveViewer. The InteractiveViewer is designed for building common kinds of interactivity in an app, like pan, zoom, and drag ’n’ drop, even in the face of resizing.

Material Slider, RangeSlider, TimePicker, and DatePicker – This release includes a number of updated widgets. These include Slider and RangeSlider. DatePicker has been updated to include a new compact design and support date ranges. TimePicker has a completely new style. Check out the TimePicker demo here

Responsive Licenses page – Another update is the new responsive licenses page available from the AboutDialog. 

New pubspec.yaml format required for publishing plugins – The legacy pubspec.yaml format is no longer supported for publishing plugins. The old format did not support specifying which platforms your plugins support. The new pubspec.yaml format is now required for publishing new or updated plugins.

Read on to know more about Flutter 1.20 and all new features have been added.


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