By WalkingTree  May 10,  2021

Why Node.js is being preferred over PHP

PHP has been among the most popular languages for web development owing to its many advantages, some of them include its simple syntax, open-source, and strong scalability. Yahoo and many others have also used PHP. But some of its disadvantages are also obvious – low code reuse rate, recursion issues, lack of multi-threading support. 

As the popularity of PHP has been on the wane, Node.js has seen its fortunes soar. But why is it being preferred over PHP? To start with –

  • Node.js can reduce the complexity of app development 
  • It uses a unified language in both front-end and back-end development
  • Only requires installation on the server-side
  • Better reflects the separation of concerns and lower coupling
  • It uses the Apache/Nginx proxy
  • Makes it easier to find a suitable package

In the next five to ten years, Node.js is not expected to be obsolete. Node.js has a standard GIT workflow and is suitable for code editors. Read on to know more about Node.js.


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