By WalkingTree   July 03, 2020

IT modernization yields business benefits even in the early stages

With the help of new technologies in recent years, IT modernization has surely evolved, replacing end-of-life infrastructure to increasing innovation and business value. Although it is a complex process that can take up to months or even years. A recent survey shows that the results are delivered as soon as an organization takes the first step. 

An IDG Research Services survey done on 200 IT executives has shown that 25% or less reported achieving business improvements in each of the eight categories measured. Sixty-five percent had already achieved a better quality of service. Significant progress has also been made in improving customer experience (52%), cost savings (50%), uptime (44%), and the ability to create new revenue-generating products and services (42%). 

Organizations that had completed their initial modernization objectives reported even better outcomes on all eight measures, including the ability to extract business value from data (56%) and faster time to market for new products (50%).

The findings clearly show that a modernized IT ecosystem is a core building block of business transformation. Whether it’s starting a new application quickly, doing a deep data dive to identify new market opportunities, or using artificial intelligence to improve sales.

The survey of CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, and IT directors working at organizations also revealed a wide range of details about the status of IT modernization efforts. Read on to know more about it.


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