Modern Guide to FinTech App Development

Modern Guide to FinTech App Development

Fintech (or Financial Technology) app development demands a robust design that is easy to understand and visually appealing to the user. Sencha Ext JS framework provides a robust platform for Fintech enterprises to develop secure, and universal apps. It’s as easy as developing the app once and deploy seamlessly deploy it on all web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

Sencha’s UI components are designed to interoperate and so the focus is more on designing high-performance applications rather than debugging. Sencha enables the Fintech app development with state of the art charting components such as Bar graphs, Line charts, Combo charts, Stacked charts, Scatter charts, Box plots, Financial charts, Plus, etc. with widgets (buttons, grids, forms, trees, calendars, trees, etc).

With over 140+ high performing UI components Sencha Ext Js provides you with all the flexibility, resources, and simplicity for your Fintech app development environment. Would you like to know more about how Sencha can help you create enterprise-grade applications?

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