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Using automated pipelines and workflows, reliably and efficiently deploy AI-driven solutions to production.

Deployments that are quick, efficient, and continuous

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Standardize the processes involved across the lifecycle ML model lifecycle that spans over data preparation, management, model training, evaluation, serving, and monitoring.

Management of the entire ML model lifecycle

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We help you establish cross-functional governance and obtain capabilities to audit and manage access control in real-time using an effective MLOps platform.

ML model orchestration and governance


Customer success



For those who operate in a fast-changing environment, see how this end-to-end data platform helps future-proof data systems and reduces the amount of work required to maintain systems in sync with an ever-changing context.


Influencer Marketing Portal

This Data Platform could unlock the potential for more advanced data analysis with the benefit of more granular data, and to address the growing demands of its clients.


Mask Detection App

An on-device machine learning model helps detect if a person in an image is wearing a mask or not and helps follow health guidelines.

MLOps: Scaled Machine Learning Operationalization

Your team can quickly start to work immediately and stay productive once the infrastructure is built, workflows are set up, data is cleansed, and pipelines are automated.

We can assist you with deploying Scalable AI and Machine Learning applications on the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment.

Data integrity is further facilitated by our solutions for empowering Real-Time data pipelines monitoring and security.

Within one platform, combine best-in-class open source tools with commercial frameworks, beloved notebooks, and a variety of libraries.

To achieve the best results for your company goals, we use established processes and frameworks. Transparency and validity are ensured as a result.

Machine Learning Applications in Production: Deploy and Scale

ML Pipelines development

We provide an automated process that takes a data and code as input and outputs a trained machine learning model.

Model deployment and service

Once a viable model has been identified, we assist in determining how it will be served and used in production, as well as implementing the deployment strategy decided.

Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning

For ML pipelines in production, you’ll need a reliable automated CI/CD system. The data science team can quickly test new ideas in feature engineering, model architecture, and hyperparameters. They can put these concepts into practice by building, testing, and deploying new pipeline components to the target environment automatically.

Cloud-native foundations

Leverage our expertise in cloud platforms, containers, and cloud-native automation tools to build and deploy scalable, available, and secure machine learning systems.

From DevOps to MLOps

Both functionally and in terms of tools and technologies, MLOps concepts have a lot in common with DevOps methods. To successfully deploy AI-driven applications to production, use the DevOps approach and toolbox.


Model Monitoring

It is critical for ensuring that AI systems are healthy, performant, and able to operate without interruption. Use contemporary observability tools to monitor and analyze common metrics such as latency, traffic, and errors, as well as model prediction performance.

Machine Learning Development Solutions

Machine Learning as a Service – Google, AWS, Azure, Open Source

Machine Learning Solutions on AWS

Amazon SageMaker accelerates the end-to-end machine learning development lifecycle by allowing you to build and deploy AI and ML models faster. Know more.

Machine Learning enabled applications on Google

Build Machine Learning Models with Cloud Machine Learning Engine on Google Cloud.

Empowering Machine Learning powered Applications on Azure

Using Azure Machine Learning Studio to create Machine Learning Models at scale and effectively add intelligence to applications.

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