By WalkingTree   July 24 2020

Microservices are everywhere but what’s the reason behind it? The recently conducted survey by O’Reilly on more than 1500 respondents revealed many key findings of microservices. Let’s take a look at it. 

  • Less than 10% have reported complete success, but a clear majority (54%) describes their use of microservices as mostly successful and 92% of the respondents had at least some success.
  • About 28% of respondents revealed that their organizations have been using microservices for at least three years. More than 61% of the respondents have been using microservices for a year or more.
  • Almost 29% of respondents say their employers are migrating or implementing a majority of their systems using microservices.
  • 74% of respondents say that their teams own the build-test-deploy-maintain phases of the software lifecycle.
  • Respondents who used containers in deploying microservices were significantly more likely to report success than those who didn’t. The use of containers is one of the strongest predictors of success with microservices. 

Read on to know more about microservices and this survey.


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