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Ask questions and gain insights from data easily

An easy way to modern analytics and interactive dashboards. Helps overcome biases in making the best managerial rules that align with business strategies.

Our full range of Metabase consulting and implementation services include

Consulting Services

Metabase business intelligence tool consulting services

Design Solution

Best practices and recommendations for using Metabase as a business intelligence platform.

Strategic plan

Architecture Design for Metabase

Implementation and Deployment

Designing a solution based on the Metabase business intelligence platform

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With self-service data dashboards, empower your stakeholders


Look through database

Visualize and analyze data from your database without even writing a single line of SQL or consulting a data analyst.


Best Practices

Best practices and recommendations for using Metabase as a business intell

Data-driven visualizations

Data-driven visualizations

Data can be transformed into interactive visuals, graphs, and charts.

Quick search

Quick search

Search tables quickly, filter results, and just utilise what you need right now.


Metabase Customization

Create new visualizations, dashboards, custom reports and charts. Add new scripts, plug-ins, and components if needed.


Dashboard sharing

Share your dashboard and allow teams to collaborate on the creation, utilization, and organization of visual collections and data sets.

Strengthen your Business Intelligence with Metabase & WalkingTree

24-hours-support (1)

24/7 Support

Metabase Business intelligence tool support is available 24×7 for new and current installations. 

Reports on Expanded Metabase

Reports on Expanded Metabase

We automatically collect and synchronise data from various company departments, ERP systems, and on the other, data arriving from third-party services into a data warehouse and  process it to create an analytical database for Metabase.

Host at your choice

Host at your choice

Metabase gives you the option of deploying anywhere you want. It can be installed in the cloud or hosted on your own server. 


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