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Manufacturer of Dairy Products

Food Delivery Service – AKS with ACI – used to meet scaling requirements, simplify deployment and management of microservices


Enable distributors to place their orders through a Sales Order Portal (an online application portal). The Managers from Top Food Delivery review and approve the orders.

We helped them with:

  • Deployed Sales Order Portal to Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies. Used 2 servers, 1 for Application hosting and another for maintaining the Database.
  • Provisioned with necessary future strategies to be incorporated while purchasing Azure cloud, Azure DevOps services to  build and deploy the Application and integrate with ERP system. 


Solution scope included:

  • Successfully implemented CI/CD pipeline using AKS. 
  • Used AKS with ACI for easy deployment, scaling and management. ACI  helps us to dynamically scale as demand increases. Provisions the pods inside  the ACI that start in seconds that in scales in general with average capacity. 
  • Used Azure API Management to expose data services to the outside world and manage incoming API calls.
  • Azure Traffic Manager was used as a load balancer for distributing traffic optimally to the services across different Azure regions. 


  • Product turned out more agile
  • Reduced maintenance with serverless model implementation. 
  • Release turnaround has reduced significantly
  • Quality of deliverables improved
  • Ensured migration be staged smoothly while promptly gaining access to the new environment’s features.
  • High-performance data storage layer for applications was created with the help of Azure SQL Database services


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