Confused about which platform to choose for your next hybrid application? 

Have you considered Flutter?

Flutter is empowered with a layered structure, with which you can build custom and attractive applications. It comes with the best set of custom and inbuild widgets. The best part about Flutter is that you can have two different themes for IOS and Android. The new release of Flutter 1.12, is like a cherry on the top. 

But why is Flutter the newest trend in mobile application development? Let’s dive into some reasons:

  • Why Flutter has become a top choice of the cross-platform framework?

Features like hot reload, one-code base, app testing, multiple IDE support, easy to understand and learn development language, faster app development has made Flutter a top choice for developers.

  • Why Flutter is efficient for startups?

With all the above features, Flutter can also be a top choice for startups, but how? For starters it is low-cost app development, can market an app in real-time, attract more users with attractive UI design, firebase makes it a suitable choice for a startup.

Read on to know the reason why Flutter is an ideal choice for mobile application development

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