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Data Analytics, AI/ML Platform


A leading marketing research company conducting audience measurement for television.

We helped them with:

  • Automate the analysis process on Japanese video content to extract meaningful results.
  • Analyze video frames and extract information on the speaker, objects, clothes, footwear, brands visible in the video.


Solution scope included:

  • Find contact info for the talent and reps you want to work with next.
  • Check new attachments to projects in development to stay abreast of who your competitors across town are casting.
  • Monitor domestic and international box office results and even ROI to assess project performance and the impact of key decisions.
  • Data aggregation processes enable tracking data from various sources.
  • Data cleansing & conversion processes to convert gathered data into useful metadata.


  • Offer brands easy way to choose, engage and deploy influencer campaigns and measure ROI
  • SNS & Creating Micro-Communities for influencers to monetize their offerings
  • Add new (WhiteList) Influencers in a category and use SNS to promote
  • Market research to get reports on celebrities, content, market data, influencers, etc.
  • Talent Management & Recruitment. Contract Agreements. Payment processing.


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