By WalkingTree   November 24,  2020

How to scale your DevOps structure

The development of DevOps is arguably the most important transformation for IT teams in the last decade. By integrating continual development into the operations lifecycle, many software teams have achieved huge gains when it comes to agility and resilience. Scaling DevOps comes with a number of key challenges for managers, employees, and leaders. Let’s take a look at how you can effectively scale your DevOps structure.

  1. Automate – Automation is the most crucial step in scaling DevOps. The advantage of automation in DevOps is that both teams can achieve their goals more quickly and more efficiently. Automated testing also provides a standardized set of data for development and operational teams to work from. 
  2. EstablishPlatform Teams – One of the most effective ways to scale DevOps is to involve the dedicated platform teams, for the development of new software products. Also, it is best to keep small teams, they are more effective at sharing knowledge. 
  3. Redefine Your Goals – Redefining the purpose of work is crucial. Companies need to see themselves as working in collaboration with their customers. 
  4. Skills and Culture – Providing high-quality and relevant training to employees will help scale better. The overall goal of this training is to break down cultural barriers between operational and development staff. 

Feedback – The fundamental part of the DevOps paradigm is to seek feedback on almost every aspect of a software release, and then continuously iterate this feedback.

Read on to know more about DevOps and how you can effectively scale it.


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