By WalkingTree   August 31, 2020

How serverless technologies can achieve optimal DevOps practices

DevOps makes the development process faster while giving enterprises a competitive edge, quicker product maturity in terms of features, and improved customer experience. Although the benefits are appealing and helpful, DevOps adoption needs to be cost-effective as well. Serverless can combat the barriers and support the implementation of DevOps solutions, at a lower cost and with greater returns. 

Serverless technologies provide a pay-as-you-go model, allowing enterprises to pay only for the resources used during production. For example, with AWS Lambda, users pay based on the number and duration of invocations. Serverless technology is auto-scalable and fully managed, it allows teams to focus on the business logic that the DevOps infrastructure was actually built for.

Availability and Performance Monitoring 

FaaS functions can be used for performance checks. Serverless buses communication alerts as invocations of the FaaS functions throughout the DevOps infrastructure, lowering the overall cost and auto scalability of FaaS functions. 

ChatOps Improve the DevOps Process

ChatOps is a conversation-driven model that allows users to type commands in a chat tool to kick off the CI/CD process. This operation requires backend support, which is where serverless technologies can support. 

Serverless Enhances the CI/CD Process for Continuous Deployment

Similar to ChatOps, serverless technology can be used to enhance the CI/CD process, but unlike ChatOps serverless can automate the entire process by merging pull requests to deploy in production. This is also known as GitOps.

Read on to know more about Serverless technology and how it can be helpful for DevOps.


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