By WalkingTree   October 21,  2020

How DevOps is accelerating the Airline Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses, and one of the most affected industries would be the travel industry. With travel restrictions from various countries, flights have been receiving low bookings from March 2020 and slowly started picking up from around August only.  They obviously have had to take various safety measures, which will most likely become the norm, rather than being a temporary move.

Airlines have now shifted to touchless experience when at the airport, checking bags, and when boarding. They were able to achieve this by adopting an Agile and DevOps methodology. 

But the road to DevOps is not easy. Legacy systems and lagging IT investments have slowed down the process. The airline industry has long struggled to modernize. The challenge also applies to the timely adoption of specific technologies, including cloud and data analytics, but also the lack of agility in adapting work methods.

A major international airline has overcome this issue by creating goals, formalizing a toolchain, enlisting coaches, using automation, and practical training. They found success with value stream mapping, which helped them identify their processes and discover areas of waste. 

Also, changing the approach to funding projects is a great way. This way it becomes easy to control how much is being spent and what it is spent on. But only with the collaboration with the money managers of a firm. 

Lastly, It’s time to measure the efforts made. In the first year, there will be both inputs and outputs but after 2 to 3 years, the outputs will overtake at some point, Agile will not even be an objective anymore. Although both inputs and outputs are great, it’s best to focus more on outputs. 

DevOps adoption has become an important element in the company’s broader transformation. Creating a touchless experience has made customers adjust to the risks associated with travel. Touchless check-ins were already available through a mobile application but still required interacting with a kiosk for handling luggage. The goal was to give a complete touchless check-in experience, even when a customer has bags. Read on to know more about DevOps and how it can help transform the airline industry. 


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