By WalkingTree   September 08, 2020

How Containers can lift your DevOps game

DevOps requires changes in many areas, and as organizations demand that DevOps empower faster, agile delivery, many companies have shifted to containers, which can bring a power boost to a DevOps transformation. Containers can dramatically improve software delivery speed, platform independence, resource utilization, and process reliability. 

Some of the benefits of Containers include:

  • Improved development pipeline
  • Improved production deployment
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Greater platform independence
  • Greater modularity and security

When containers are teamed with DevOps practices, they provide power boosts DevOps:

Ephemeral  – Static environments tend to be hoarded while developers wait for the chance to use them, but the CI/CD pipeline destroys environments as needed for activities such as continuous testing. Containers are lightweight and can be deployed very quickly, they are an ideal solution for ephemeral environments. It can be spun up and be used to execute an activity and recycled once the activity is completed. 

Build once, deploy many – The goal of DevOps is to improve speed and reduce failures. If we deploy the same way in every environment leveraging the same artifact (build once, deploy many), the risk of a deployment issue is reduced. Containers support the ‘build once, deploy many’ concept through images. 

As code – This concept is applied in areas such as infrastructure and integration tools. This is foundational to driving the evolution of DevOps. Automation, configurations, databases, and data are applying the same concept. Containers can leverage the “as code” concept. In the container ecosystem, there are different levels to which “as code” can be applied. 

Read on to know more about Containers and how it can be useful for DevOps.


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