By WalkingTree   November 02,  2020

How Cloud is accelerating Digital Transformation across various industrie

The importance of business resiliency has been around for a while now and with the pandemic around, organizations are forced to evolve. Organizations have significantly shaped the future using digital innovation and efforts. Microsoft Azure has become a popular choice across different domains. Let’s take a look at how various industries are evolving with the help of the Cloud.

Financial Services – Banks are now focused on improving customer experiences by building friction-less and agile digital solutions leveraging the cloud. They are building and securely scale new solutions to drive financial security and sustainable growth. A cloud-first approach is being adopted to make banking more accessible across its network. 

Telecommunications – In the Telecommunication sector, data-driven solutions are advancing innovation, increasing the decision-making capability, and enhancing customer experiences. A large organization has shifted to a fast and highly secure IoT solution and Azure to connect machines and equipment to the cloud, bypassing the need for public internet. 

Public sector organizations – Public state services operating highly secure remote work solutions are using Microsoft Azure. Academic institutions are also choosing Microsoft as their trusted cloud partner to become more agile in delivering remote learning.

Retail and consumer products – Microsoft has partnered with retail companies to accelerate their data modernization and increase security, innovation, and unlock intelligent insights. A multinational food corporation is migrating its global data estate and SAP workloads to gain insights that will increase product innovation. On the other hand, a major clothing brand has adopted Azure to scale and democratize its data in line with increasing consumer demands.

Read on to know more about resilience and how the cloud is transforming major industries.


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