By WalkingTree   July 29, 2020

Voice Application

As enterprises are starting to explore AI and Ml technologies, the demand in three other areas is increasing – computer vision, natural language applications, and speech technology. Recent progress in natural language applications and speech technology has increased accuracy and opened up avenues for new applications. 

Contact centers, sales, and customer support lead the way as far as enterprise speech applications. Voice search, smart speakers, and digital assistants have become more common and it’s on the consumer side. It has been estimated that by the end of 2020 about half of all online searches will happen through voice command. Companies have already started redesigning their websites to support both visual and voice search. 

Audio content is also increasing, and this new content will need to be searched, and unlocked using speech technologies. For example, according to a recent New York Times article, nearly one out of three people listen to at least one podcast every month. 

Voice applications can be challenging though

Voice applications are beyond simple voice commands, which can be challenging for many organizations. Spoken language is noisier than a written text. Multiple languages (and the many accents and local influences that come with any language) have to be supported, language models will need to be tuned for specific domains and topics, and many other challenges can come in the way. 

Building voice applications

To build a voice application, firstly, companies have to narrow down their focus, understand the goal of building the application and experimenting with real-time data and scenarios can help.

Read on to know more about voice applications and guidelines in building it.


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