By WalkingTree   May 08, 2020

This latest version brings in many benefits for developers building applications for iOS. Flutter 1.17 contains numerous bug fixes. Let’s take a look at some of the changes Flutter 1.17 has bought to Flutter:

  • Speed up of about 20% to 37% for the default navigation case with no transparency
  • 40% reduction in CPU and GPU for IOS animations
  • 70% decrease in memory when scrolling through large images, which may improve the performance of devices with more memory use
  • Apple’s Metal API for accessing IOS devices GPU instead of OpenGL, which will eventually allow faster Flutter apps on iPhones and Ipads
  • NavigationRail – A navigation widget displayed on either left or right of an app
  • Flutter text theming – The TextTheme API has been updated to match the current material spec 

The latest version of Dart also comes with many improvements:

  • New tool “pub outdated” added to ensure that the package dependencies are up to date
  • Version 2.8 improves the pub tool with support

Not just this, the latest version in Flutter and Dart has a lot more to offer to the developers. Read on for more information

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