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Global Electronics Repair & Service Provider

A leading global electronics repair and service provider to many of the world’s largest electronic product companies.


This service provider serves consumers with best possible services and products resulting in optimal brand and product experiences all in one place.

We helped them with:

  • Came up with a Generic View Engine which is easily configurable.
  • The Generic View Engine helps service center process(s) setup, with almost zero coding saving a time lot of time and effort.


Solution scope included:

  • The View Engine is in charge of assembling the components so that the browser can consume them.
  • Data is processed through a MetaData processor and forwarded to component builder.  Components were built using Angular.
  • The component builder then carry forwards the process to handle API’s with Rule/Hook/Validation Processor
  • Amazon ECS is used to easily run, stop, and manage containers. 


  • Onboarding new Client(s) almost in no time with zero coding.
  • A flexible process is designed and implemented so that any new features can be easily added.
  • Easy to extend Engine and Configurable UI.
  • Customizing the system to meet the Client’s needs is made easy.


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