Google’s Flutter is an open-source development tool. In the last few years, it has turned out to be a preferred choice for entrepreneurs to develop their mobile apps. Flutter has many interesting features right from development to delivery. Let’s take a look into what Flutter has to offer and why it is considered to be a friendly framework for startups:


  • As an Open-source Developer: As compared to many UI software development kits, it is available free of cost on the web so there are no restrictions on usage. It saves the initial cost and works perfectly for entrepreneurs, developers, and startups.
  • Reducing Code Development Time: Flutter is a speedy development kit which saves cost as well as time. Unlike other development kits, Flutter takes less time to develop the codes. Considering timing as an essential factor it is a win-win for developers, entrepreneurs, and startups.
  • Similar to Native: Flutter consists of all the benefits of native. With react native, developers have an edge over flutter within software or application development.
  • With a Single Codebase Idea: Flutter has a single codebase that runs into all platforms like Android, iOS, Linux, and so on.
  • High-Performance Rendering Engine: Flutter has a powerful and high-performance rendering engine on its own. Flutter uses the SKIA graphics library to render the apps and itself, and this makes it possible to render the project virtually without connectin to the platform so that it makes the development process easy.

To know more about why Flutter is friendly for startups, read on.


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