By WalkingTree   August 20, 2020

Flutter chart & graphs

Visualization is a process of plotting and drawing various kinds of charts and graphs for the given data to make it more understandable, since, a picture worth a thousand words. Charts and Graphs are one of the major components in an application. Many real-world apps like StackOverflow and GitHub use Graphs and Charts in a large number of use cases. Looking at raw data can be really frustrating and people tend to lose interest very easily. So, the use of pictures, graphs, and charts in applications can give very good insights into the data.

Flutter offers a large number of options to work with charts and graphs. One can create some very great user experiences with Graphs and Charts using Flutter. Flutter contains a package named charts_flutter which gives a very vast and elegant toolkit for working with charts and graphs. Let’s take a look at how you can build different types of charts and graphs in Flutter.

Bar chart 

Step 1 – Before plotting the bar-chart, first start by preparing the data. For that, we are going to define a class. 

Step 2 – Defining the UI — After preparing the data to plot, you can start working on the UI of the plot. Use the BarChart() widget to plot the bar-chart which gives a lot of options to edit the graph. 

Line chart

Step 1 – Start by preparing the data for the chart

Step 2 – Defining the UI: For plotting the UI of the chart, use the LineChart() widget defined in the charts_flutter package.

Read on to know more about Flutter Charts and Graphs with a demonstration on how to actually implement it.


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