By WalkingTree  March 04,  2021

Flutter 2.0 is here!

Google has finally unveiled Flutter 2.0 and Dart 2.12 after a long wait. This new version is mostly designed to highlight Flutter’s continued transition beyond mobile to support apps wherever they reside i.e the web and desktop. Let’s take a closer look at what few features have been added to Flutter 2.0. 


Flutter’s web support has transitioned from beta to a stable channel. For Flutter, this release takes code reusability to the next level with the help of the web platform in this version. So now with this promotion when you create a Flutter app, the web is just another device target for your application.

New features in iOS

This update includes the merging of 178 iOS-related PRs. Besides, this release comes with a few iOS widgets to the Cupertino design language and they are Autocomplete and the ScaffoldMessenger.

Autocomplete and ScaffoldMessenger widgets

In this release, Flutter comes with two additional new widgets, AutocompleteCore and ScaffoldMessenger. AutocompleteCore encapsulates the features needed to integrate autocomplete into your Flutter app. The ScaffoldMessenger, on the other hand, is designed to address a variety of SnackBar-related problems, including the ability to quickly generate a SnackBar in response to an AppBar.

Add-to-app feature

The new feature, called Add-to-App, is an excellent way to reuse your Flutter code across both mobile platforms i.e Android and IOS, while still preserving your existing native codebase.

Read on to gain more knowledge about Flutter 2.0 and its new features added.


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