By WalkingTree  December 08,  2020

Five steps to improving mainframe agility

This pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in most organizations. People have become more reliant on online platforms whether it’s for groceries, streaming entertainment. or banking. According to a survey, deployment frequency for new features will increase at a higher rate (41%) than non-mainframe applications over the next year. This will require organizations to ensure development on the mainframe is more agile than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices.

  • Focus on improving the developer experience –  The easiest place to start is to make it simple for newer generations of developers to drive innovation on the mainframe. This can also help mitigate any mainframe talent drain by increasing all developer’s familiarity and comfort with the platform. 
  • Adopt shift-left, automated testing – Automated testing is critical for mainframe code, which serves as the backbone for many applications. Without proper quality, functionality, and integration, these end-to-end applications won’t work.
  • Establish and measure against KPIs – Mainframes support core business processes with no margin for error, it is imperative that all KPIs are consistently maintained and increased while making sure one KPI does not advance at the expense of another. 
  • Embed mainframe code – Mainframe code must be integrated within the broader cross-platform DevOps toolchain. Without this integration, the essential mainframe code has the potential to become an error that slows down the software development lifecycle.
  • Enable coordinated cross-platform CD – DevOps teams must be able to fully synchronize the delivery of new code across all platforms, including the mainframe. 


Read on to know more about the steps for improving mainframe agility with DevOps. 


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