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Filezilla – The elegant FTP Solutions

FileZilla is an open source software which provides you with an elegant way to manage your file transfers. FileZilla provides your client as well as a server.

FileZilla Client is a cross-platform FTP client and it provides support for FTP, SFTP and FTPS. This is especially very useful when you do frequent production deployment, where most of the time you just need to transfer right file in the desired folders/directories. It also provides you options like whether “you want to overwrite all files”, “you want to write only new files”, etc. through an intuitive user interface, which provides more control to you. I also like its “Transfer Queue” feature, displayed along the bottom of the window, showing the real-time status of each queued or active file transfer. If you want to stop transferring some file, you can select them and remove them from the queue.

Well, the real beauty lies in files and folder view, where you can navigate your local machine as well as the machine where FTP server is running by clicking on the directory tree structure. You can quickly verify the sizes of the copied files and whether all the files have been really copied or not. Overall, this is a real time saver, reduces a lot of manual errors and provides you with better control, in case things go wrong.

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