By WalkingTree   July 09 2020

Ext JS outperforms grid competitors on key performance metrics

The overall volume of generated data has grown rapidly over the past couple of decades and as a result, modern JavaScript data grid components have evolved. In today’s world, there are many data grid offerings in the market that come with capabilities to display and manage the analysis. But how many of them can withstand the test of performance as it relates to “Big Data”?

To answer this question, some performance tests were run comparing the Ext JS data grid to other popular market offerings such as DevExpress, Kendo UI, Syncfusion and etc. 

Performance results

The test results indicate that while most grids do well with initial static load time and dynamic filtering speeds. However, the Ext JS data grid outperformed most competitors on scrolling performance when tested with medium to large datasets (100,000 to 1,000,000+ data volumes). Ext JS was over 300x faster than other data grid vendors.

The data grid performance was measured based on 3 categories – Initial load time, Filtering speed, and scrolling speed. 

Read on to know more about this test and how ext JS outperforms other leading grid competitors.


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