By WalkingTree   September 17, 2020

Ext JS 7.3 GA release is here!

The all-new Ext JS 7.3 version is finally here. This release focuses on feature quality improvements and usability enhancements in both the modern and classic toolkit. The Sencha team has added many API examples and some ready-to-use templates for quick reuse. Let’s take a look at some of the features and improvements of Ext JS 7.3.

  • Several improvements to the Data grid, Charts, and Buttons widgets
  • Enhancements to Ext JS Grid scrolling experience
  • Quality improvements addressing customer reported tickets
  • New Kitchen Sink examples and ready-to-go templates
  • Over 30+ new fiddle examples in Ext JS API Docs
  • Upgraded Froala WYSIWYG Editor to latest version 3.2.1

Ext JS Kitchen Sink Examples

  1. New ready-to-go ‘Login Form’ templates. Examples that can easily be directly copy-pasted into your application. You can learn how to create a responsive login form, a template to reset user password and create a responsive create account template
  2. Easily navigable and searchable component examples for the Modern toolkit 

New API Component Examples

Sencha has added over 30+ Data Grid API component examples to directly copy-paste the code into an application. New examples have been added for Columns, Plugins, Filters, Selection, and many more. Check out Ext.grid API examples in the API docs for Classic and Modern Toolkit.   

Read on to know more about Ext JS 7.3


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